Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Education is the most powerful tool to change the world

When deciding where to study abroad, you choose country first over a university or specific type of program


Ottawa is the capital City of Canada; it is the Federation of ten provinces (Alberta, British Columbia


World’s smallest continent and the sixth largest country in the world, Canberra, the Capital of Australia consist..

New Zealand

One of the friendliest and most beautiful country in the world, Crime rate comparatively very low.


One of the friendliest and most beautiful country in the world, Crime rate comparatively very low.


Latvia the pearl of the Baltic States is one of the European Union member states and is situated in the North of Europe ..


France and French speaking populace of the world is an expansive country in the continent of Europe.


Slovenia is located in Europe on Adriatic Sea, between Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary.  The country is even rich with fascinating architecture and has diverse landscapes.

Czech Republic

Lately, the Czech Republic has become a popular destination for international students. More than 40,000 international students are currently studying here.


The Ireland is one of the beautiful, Fantastic scenery with abundance of greenery and Crime Free Country in the world and promises a great future for the international students.

South Korea

South Korea is a highly developed and modern country with an excellent quality of living, vibrant culture and strong economy, containing some of the best universities in Asia at competitive prices.


Beautiful landscapes, unique castles, national parks, and hot springs make Ukraine a treasure of a location. Ukraine remains one of the secrets of the world and does not draw very many travelers to its country.


The English Name of Singapore is derived from the Malay Word “SINGAPURA”, which means Lion City in Sanskrit. Hence the Customary Reference to the nation as the LION CITY.


The most favored destination for everyone who wishes to immigrate for better quality of life for himself and his family and his future generations, as well. There’s no simple explanation of how United States of America inspires and still lives up to its history of Statue of Liberty, cars, bridges, life style, etc.


Cyprus has long been a crossing point between Europe, Asia and Africa and still has many traces of successive civilizations – Roman theaters and villas, Byzantine churches and monasteries, Crusader castles, Ottoman mosques and pre-historic habitats.


The United Kingdom (UK) is located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The capital of the United Kingdom ..

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