Architecture & Arts Program

Architecture & Arts Program

Architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings and other structures. It's a popular subject that combines elements of art and science. Although it’s regarded as a vocational subject, studying architecture abroad still opens up a number of great career opportunities.

There are many great architecture programs you can choose to study overseas at all levels including bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate.

Choosing to study abroad can be a great way to experience different architectural styles, and to see first hand how different cultures interact with the architecture around them.

Architecture Program Structure

Architecture can be a very hands on degree, and most programs will include a lot of practical elements. Design projects make up a large part of many architecture degrees, but the exact content and scope of the curriculum will vary from university to university. Some of the topics and modules you can expect to study include:

If you choose to study architecture at postgraduate level, you will build on what you learned during your bachelor’s degree at a more advanced level.

Types of Architecture Degrees

There are several other subjects you can study that fall under the architecture umbrella. These programs usually focus on a specific area of architecture, and include:

Why Study Architecture Abroad

Architecture is all around us, with examples and inspiration around every corner. Studying abroad gives you the enviable opportunity to see and experience another country’s architecture, perhaps different to what you'd see at home.

You’ll also be able to see how different cultures interact with the architecture around them, and how society and history influenced its style, aesthetic and functionality. This new perspective could broaden your understanding of the subject, and give you an advantage in the field.

Choosing to study architecture abroad also means you’ll expand your choice of programs and universities. This means you can ensure you study a program that matches your interests and ambitions, while experiencing a new country and way of life.