Business/ Management/Accounting

Business Administration Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad on its own can be a great experience when it comes to preparing for a career in business. The proven ability to adapt to new situations and communicate with people from other cultures looks great to any prospective employer. If you want to take your study abroad experience even further, consider looking into a specialized business school abroad.

There are many well established programs in different countries that may let you enroll for the semester. Or, with the economic resources you might even want to consider getting your entire degree abroad.

Business Administration study abroad programs offer students the education opportunity of obtaining their degree, while learning internationally and expanding their cultural horizons. Choosing to study a business and management studies degree abroad will allow you to build the skills and tools necessary to run your own business. Your course will focus on giving you the commercial awareness and financial skills to contribute to managing any business almost immediately.

Business Administration Study Abroad Programs

Business/ Management/Accounting

We live in an increasingly international world; Big businesses rarely operate within one city or country any more. The most successful businesses sell products all over the world and hire employees from all different cultural backgrounds. So if you want to go into business administration, its a great idea to pump up your resume with some time abroad.

Business / Management – Very Few Hot Programs

Adv. Dip in Business Administration ( Accounting )

Cambrian – Canada



Bachelors in Finance/Economics Engineering

VGTU Lithuania

Bachelors in International management -Accounting /Hospitality /Aviation

IUBH – Germany

Grad Certificate Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Lambton College, Canada

Graduate Diploma in Operations and Production Management

Ara/ Wintec/WITT/Nortec/- New Zealand

Graduate Diploma in Project Management

Ara/UCOL/North Tec – New Zealand

Graduate Certificate in Organizational management /IBM/HR/PR

Cambrian – Canada

Graduate Certificate in IBM/HR/PR/GBM

Lambton – Canada

Post Degree Diploma Business Management

NLC /Camosun-Canada

Graduate Certificate Logistics & Supply Chain Management

St. Lawrence- Canada

PG Dip in Business Administration





Switzerland/PSB – Singapore


TRU/NYIT-Canada, SCU /JCU/ECU/CSU /Swinburne University – Australia


Waikato University-NZ/Latvia/Lithuania

Masters in Professional Accounting


Masters in Finance/ economics engineering/MBM/MBA

Latvia/ Lithuania