Lots of Indian Students looking to study MBBS in another country. It’s a great career choice but requires good preparation, and it is important to understand why students choose other countries to study for MBBS program? India has a great deficit of Doctors: The World Health Organization (WHO) sets the minimum ratio at 1: 1000, while it is 1:1700 in India. There are very limited seats for admission in Indian public institutions, and sometimes private institutions total costs for doing MBBS actually surpasses what one needs to pay for MBBS education in the US, UK or other European countries.

There are a lot of Eastern European, South American and Asian countries, such as Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Moldova, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, which have been alternative places to study MBBS abroad. However, Europe has always been a favourite of Indian students, mostly because of the diplomatic relations that support both countries. Now the number of students has begun to grow again. In Europe, it has about 8,500 Indian students, 80% of whom are medical students.

Why study MBBS Abroad ?

Most international students are attracted towards European universities because of these reasons:

The eligibility for MBBS course for Indian students is as follows:

Why Indian Students take MBBS Admission Abroad?