Engineering & IT

Engineering & IT

Engineering & IT is growing as a field of study in colleges around the world as people continue to realize how important, interesting and profitable this field is. Engineering uses many different areas of knowledge in the construction of machines and devices. Students in engineering are well prepared to put their skills to use in a variety of interesting careers, from building cars, spaceships, and computers to designing environmentally friendly electrical systems. Some top-rated engineering programs available in different countries, which would be the perfect place to continue your technical studies, also having the opportunity to study another language and explore a new country.

Studying abroad is crucial to engineering students as an essential educational experience. Studying abroad truly can improve your communication skills, because you will be exposed to different types of communication and education,  if you’re willing to step into uncharted territory and experience new conversations, languages, and gestures.

Engineering & IT

Find the perfect place to continue your technical studies

Studying abroad teaches you to work with others, through language barriers and cultural etiquette obstacles. Engineering breakthroughs are a result of hard work, dedication, and the exchange of ideas, much of which happens internationally in the 21st century. Studying engineering abroad increases your network — professional and personal — exponentially. Leveraging these skills on your resume and highlighting them in your interviews can set you apart from other engineering applicants.

Engineering /IT – Very Few Hot Programs

Dip in Millwright

Cambrian College – Canada

Diploma in heavy Equipment

Cambrian College – Canada

Adv. Dip Chemical engineering technology

Cambrian College – Canada

Adv. Dip power Engineering Technology

Lambton College – Canada

Adv. Dip Mechanical Engineering- Automated manufacturing

Conestoga, Canada

Bachelor of Engineering – (Robotics / Automotive /IT / Mechanical)


Bachelor of Engineering (Mining)

Federation University, Australia

BE (Mech /Robotics/Mechatronics)

UWS, Australia/Lithuania/Latvia/Poland

Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering

CBU, Canada

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

AUT, UC – NZ/ Seneca, CBU -Canada

Graduate Certificate in Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Fanshawe, Canada

Grad Dip in project Management

Ara /UCOL – NZ

Grad Cert in Industrial Automation and Robotics

Conestoga – Canada

Grad Cert in Information Technology (Professional)

Lambton, Canada

Grad Certificate in Construction project Management

Lambton, Canada

Grad Dip in Construction project Management

Unitec – NZ

Grad certificate in Big Data Science and Informatics

Lambton -Canada

Grad certificate in Quality Engineering management

Lambton – Canada

ME Manufacturing Engineering

RMIT, Swinburne- Australia /France

Master of Engineering Management


Master of Engineering (all specializations)

Australia/USA/Canada/NZ/ UK/Lithuania/Latvia/Poland